Amazon is great

Amazon is one of my favorite stores, online or off. I quickly became addicted to buying books from them, and I’ve since graduated to kitchen items (my second favorite thing to shop for). A week ago, they were offering $25 off an order of $125 in housewares, so I took advantage of that, along with free super saver shipping. Unfortunately, a single item was on back order, so the whole order wasn’t to be mailed for over a month.

In order to avoid having to wait so long, I decided to replace that item with another, but it turns out that isn’t possible. I deleted the old but there was no way to add the new, and since I was no longer over 125, the price went up by $25. Plus, the ship date didn’t change, even though everything in my order was in stock.

I wrote to customer service, who responded by fixing the ship date (there was some kind of glitch) and upgrading me to regular shipping. I thanked them for that, but explained that I was still disappointed that I couldn’t add an item to meet the coupon requirements. I wasn’t mad, but they reacted as if I were threatening never to shop there again. They said that since I’m such a great customer, they’d go ahead and take the 25 off anyway.

How can you not love being treated like that?

4 thoughts on “Amazon is great

  1. mike says:

    Here’s a secret: even if you

    check “ship all at once to save on shipping” for the super-saver discount, if something is on

    back-order they will ship the rest of the stuff anyway!! I’ve had this happen each time

    I’ve done it. Maybe coincidence, but I think its actually their secret policy. They let

    people who are impatient think they’ll have to wait a long time so they plunk down extra for

    shipping. But once they’ve found out that’s not you, they get back to their just-in-time

    roots; they don’t want stuff sitting in their warehouses, they want it sitting in UPS trucks

    and out of their hands.

  2. Donald DuBois says:

    I agree! I was really

    impressed with them when they put on their
    website easy access to used book sellers with 1

    click ordering, just
    like the method used when the book is new. Bravo Amazon !

  3. Cyndi Wagner says:

    I love Amazon too! And they are so SMART with their promotions, aren’t


    My orders are often shipped in pieces which suits me just fine usually. They only

    charge you for the item when they ship you, and they end up sending you multiple shipments with

    $0 shipping.

    Love it. Never had to call CS though.

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