5 thoughts on “National Rebranding

  1. Matt says:


    link is great–thank you for sharing it! I am a designer and those comments are so (almost

    painfully) realistic. I shared the link with many friends. We’re all having a good laugh.

  2. Eliot says:

    The video is nice and funny.

    Why is it that most national flags have a rectangular shape. At this moment I can only think of

    two countries whose national flag does not have a rectangular shape. One of them is

    Switzerland. What is the other one.

  3. There are two others: Vatican and Nepal. Also, the state of Ohio’s flag is not a


    As for why a rectangle, hard to say. Maybe because that shape works really

    well flapping in the wind? 😉

  4. Donald DuBois says:

    Since when are there 52 stars

    in the U.S. flag?
    Is there something I’m not getting? Are they saying
    Puerto Rico and

    U.S. Virgin Islands should be states?
    Then why not Washington D.C.?

    Don 🙂

  5. Eliot Benitez says:

    Coming back to the topic of

    why a rectangular form to the flags, I notticed that most of them are three by five feet. This

    is close to the proportion called the Golden Section, which originated in Classical Greece.

    This is supposed to be the proportion that grants the perfect and most beautiful shape to

    artisitc productions and it can be found in many different situations both artistic and


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