Love Regifted

Love Regifted - Stephanie Haddad - 2 hearts awardPart love story, part family drama, Stephanie Haddad’s Love Regifted doesn’t really manage to pull off either one. The story about the new love interest was fine, but the old one was absurd (see spoilers, below). And pretty much everything related to the mysterious phone call was both obvious (I knew immediately what was going on) and over the top.



Stop here if you don’t want to read the spoilers.


Ava goes home to pick up her live-in boyfriend so that they can head over to her birthday party. He appears clad only in a towel and invites her to join him – and the naked woman he has obviously been servicing in their bed, on her birthday – for a quickie before the party, as his present to her. Come on, seriously?! Can any guy be such a total and complete jerk without any warning signs whatsoever? I just don’t buy it – either Ava is a moron, or … no, I don’t have an “or.” This plot just doesn’t make any sense.

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