Perfect for You

Perfect for You - Kate Perry - 4 hearts awardWhile it’s not quite a Harlequin romance novel, the fairly graphic descriptions in Perfect for You make it a bit steamier than run-of-the-mill chick lit – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I liked the story a lot, I cared about all the characters, and I enjoyed the various subplots. As for negatives, the sabotage got kind of ridiculous at times and there were several editing errors. I don’t think I’ll rush out and buy the other Laurel Heights books, but I’ll keep this one to read again some day.

One thought on “Perfect for You

  1. Jennifer Durante

    I love steamy! But I’m not a fan of overly cliche romances either, and love a plot that features a strong female lead with a contemporary life and job – someone I could imagine myself actually being friends with – and “Perfect for You” seems to fit the bill, I’ll definitely be checking it out! For any ladies with similar interests, I can most certainly recommend “The Publicist” – again a strong female character with a fantastic job in the book publishing industry, and stories that make me wish we could get together for wine once a week! Worth check out at

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