Even better program for dual monitors

Edited: After using the program below for a while, a friend recommended an even better program: Ultramon. It does all the same stuff as the other, plus you can choose different wallpaper and screensavers for each monitor, and the second monitor’s taskbar is a lot more attractive.

Original post from 12 April 2008: I’ve been using the extended desktop / dual monitors for a couple of years, and this set up is so essential to the way I work I simply can’t imagine how I ever got by without it. However, it’s not without its little annoyances, such as the fact that certain programs refuse to open in the monitor I want, so every time I launch the program, I have to resize it, move it to the other monitor, and maximize it again. The other day I decided enough was enough, and started Googling stuff like dual monitor program default to see if there was some way to tell programs which monitor they should open in. No luck there, but I found something even better – a program that adds a little button to each program that you just click and the program moves to the other monitor. Not only that, but you can also choose to install a taskbar on the other monitor, so that only the windows displayed on monitor 1 are in the taskbar on monitor 1, and only the windows displayed on monitor 2 are in the taskbar on monitor 2. It’s so cool, and it’s free. I don’t think it works for Macs, but if you’re using the extended desktop on a PC, definitely check it out: MultiMonitor TaskBar

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    Dear M/s Lawless,

    My teacher of French and myself have found your French lessons and believe they are fabulous. It is amazing after all these years ( and I am pretty ancient) that I finally have a better grasp of French grammar.

    That said I enjoy your log and even more your middle name!

    Best wishes for the year ahead.


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