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Costa RicaAfter a week and a half, things are settling into a routine. The dial up is painfully slow, but I’m learning to do all of my writing offline and just connect to copy/paste and send. It’s great to work for a couple of hours, go for a swim, work some more, walk on the beach, work a bit, etc.

Our neighbor is a lodge with a great restaurant and one of the best views in the area – 180 degrees of surf, sand, river, and forest reserve. The beaches are gorgeous and the water is almost warm.

The sun sets around 5:30 and it gets very dark, very fast. It’s between 77 and 82 degrees all day, every day. The birds and monkeys start chattering around 4am and I’m up by 6.

The roads are unpaved and quite dangerous – the rain leaves gaping potholes and ditches all over the place. We had planned to walk and ride bikes to get around, but now that we’re here, we are debating whether to buy a little motorcycle. We are fairly removed and it’s just too far to walk to most places.

Costa RicaThe other day we took a wrong turn and ended up hiking quite a ways through the rain forest, which was muddy and cool and kind of dark and just a little bit scary – but we did discover the tennis court right smack in the middle of it. (Weird place, but maybe because it’s cooler in there?) We’ve seen monkeys, a three-foot-long iguana, tiny lizards, bizarre orange-and-purple crabs, and tons of birds and butterflies. And there are lots of bugs – the noseeum’s, in particular, are awful.

It’s at least as beautiful as I expected, but we are a fair hike from the beach (I know, I know, poor me) and most everything else. It rains a lot some days and not at all others. The real rainy season is mid-September to the end of October, when I guess it will literally rain all time. I don’t think that will be much fun.

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  1. Ana Paula says:

    Wish you luck and wisdom in your new life! It for sure is very exciting and rich!And, as we brazilians say boa sorte!

  2. Catherine says:

    You may want to check out James D. Brausch’s Costa Rica HQ, a guide for those wishing to visit or live in Costa Rica. In one of his entries, James highly recommends Finca Mequengue Falls near Limon on the Carribean coast. Among the places James also mentions are Tabacon, Xandari and Costa Rican National Parks like the Arenal Volcano and the Chirripo National Parks.

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