Guadeloupe or Guadalupe?

When I tell people I live in Guadeloupe, they often think that means Mexico. Interestingly, there are a number of towns and an island named Guadalupe (pronounced “gwa da loo pay”) in Mexico (and other Spanish-speaking countries), and I’m not sure which one they’re thinking of.

In any case, I don’t live in Mexico: I live in France. Continue reading

Going to Guadeloupe

GuadeloupeWith the launch of cheap, direct flights from the US in 2015 and expanded dates and airports in 2016 – not to mention the full-page spread in NY Times Travel in 2017 – Guadeloupe is becoming a popular destination for Americans. Here’s a bit of advice on getting here.

If you live on the East Coast, you’re in luck, because extremely cheap flights can be found from New York (JFK), Boston (BOS), and Baltimore/Washington (BWI), as well as from Fort Lauderdale/Miami (FLL). If you’re not near one of these airports, you still might be better off flying to one of them to take advantage of this much cheaper second leg, courtesy of Norwegian Air.

Note: Guadeloupe is an overseas French department, and up until 2015, 90% of its tourists were from mainland France. This means that French is the official language and English is not yet widely spoken. To make the most of your trip, I recommend that you learn French.

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