3 thoughts on “Metaphors: More than words

  1. Interesting question. Even though it’s not a can, if I had to come up with a name for it, that’s what I would say – pass the can of Parmesan. I just asked my husband and he agreed (I’m from Illinois and he is from Pennsylvania, if that helps.) But we both agree that we’d be far more likely not to refer to the container at all – we’d just say “Please pass the Parmesan.” Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. John Janeri says:

    LKL: What do you call the container that things like Comet, Ajax, Kraft Parmesian Cheese, etc. come packaged in? It’s driving me crazy. It’s not a ‘box’, it’s not a ‘can’, and you can’t seriously expect people to ask “Can you pass the ‘cylinder’ of Parmasian cheese?” If possible, could you reply to me at [email protected]? Many Thanks.

  3. John Janeri says:

    I never did thank you for answering my question about what to call those can-shaped containers that cleansers, Morton’s salt, and Parmesian cheese comes in. I’m originally from Ohio (primarily raised by wolves) but I still consider myself a mid-westerner at heart (still have a strong desire to eat raw game between 2am and sunrise). So “can” works for me as well. I think you and your husband are right — consumers don’t often tend to refer to the ‘container’ that a product comes in — but if you are a stock boy, work in a warehouse at Bon Ami, are in the packaging business, or just find that you are spending a lot of time rummaging through other people’s garbage cans at night, perhaps those people (not me, of course) do need a term to use. Thanks again.

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