Smart Mouth Waitress

Smart Mouth Waitress - Dalya Moon - 3 hearts awardThe eponymous heroine of Dalya Moon’s Smart Mouth Waitress is an 18-year-old named Perry who has been left in charge of taking care of her father and younger brother while her mom is off on a creative quest. Perry decides it’s time to find a boyfriend and lose her virginity, and her first step on this goal is to drastically change her appearance.

It works: she immediately meets a guy, and then a second guy, and then she plays around with both of them for a little while, trying to figure out which one is the One. I enjoyed this book for the most part, but there’s a problem with the narrator’s voice. Since Perry is 18, I guess this is technically a YA book, and yet the voice was sometimes so much older and more mature that I felt like I was reading about a woman in her mid-20s at least, only to be startled when Perry said or did something completely ridiculous. And the men, too, are all over the place – it just didn’t seem realistic sometimes. But it was an enjoyable read – I’ll probably try another of this author’s books.

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