The Unexpected Consequences of Love

The Unexpected Consequences of Love, by Jill Mansell, tells the intertwining stories of three couples, covering the whole gamut from old love to new love to unrequited love.

Some Kind of Wonderful

Barbara Freethy’s Some Kind of Wonderful is a story about a “no roots” guy and a “left almost at the altar” gal brought together by a baby dropped on their doorstep.

The Cell Phone Lot

If you’re looking for a sweet, quick love story, check out The Cell Phone Lot, by Stephanie Elliot.

A Chance for Sunny Skies

It took me a few chapters to get into Eryn Scott’s A Chance for Sunny Skies – it dragged a bit at first with the detailed descriptions of panic and solitude. I almost gave up, but then things got more interesting

Love Handles

Gretchen Galway’s Love Handles is an interesting twist on the old “falling for someone you work with” schtick. When Bev inherits her grandfather’s clothing company, everyone wants and expects her to sell, but instead she decides to make a go of it, despite knowing nothing about activewear. As she works to understand the business, tries […]

The Fortune Quilt

I really enjoyed The Fortune Quilt, by Lani Diane Rich. I love the idea of a psychic who makes “the perfect quilt” for someone she has never met or even imagined – she just knows what to make, and then days or weeks or years later, she meets that person and gives her the quilt. […]

Love, Chocolate, and Beer

The premise of Violet Duke’s Love, Chocolate, and Beer is interesting and original: a brewmaster/pub owner and a master chocolatier and chocolate shop owner make a bet about whose product is ultimately more romantic: beer or chocolate. Their creative attempts to outdo one another are fun, and their relationship is fairly believable. I also enjoyed […]


The unfortunately named Wounded, by Lindsay Buroker, is more action-adventure-mystery than romance, but it’s still a pretty good book. The title unnecessarily references a tragic event in the male lead’s past, and originally made me think this would be a dark book

Ex and the Single Girl

The novel Ex and the Single Girl, by Lani Diane Rich, is a quick read and the story has promise, but it would have been much better if it had just been told in a straightforward manner. The wacky (read: borderline insane and extremely annoying) family and all of the secrets are meant to add […]

In Search of a Love Story

Rachel Schurig’s In Search of a Love Story starts off with an interesting premise: can life without chick lit and chick flicks lead to romantic difficulties? If a woman hasn’t read Pride and Prejudice, how can she be expected to recoganize obvious clues about what kind of guys she’s dating?