Crossing the Equator

After leaving Panama and continuing south toward Ecuador, I crossed the equator for the first time ever. I knew this moment was coming, of course, but I didn’t think to pay attention to when it would happen, so I was pleased when the cruise director announced that there would be an “equator crossing ceremony” for first timers like me at 3pm. Continue reading

French Workbook for Dummies

I’m very pleased to announce the publication of my 8th (and likely final) book: French Workbook for Dummies.

If you want to learn French by reading lessons and then taking lots of quizzes, this is the French book for you. Topics range from greetings and holiday wishes to parts of speech and verb conjugations, and there are tons of practice exercises throughout.

French Workbook for Dummies is available in both paperback (recommended) and ebook versions at,, or your favorite bookstore.

ISBN 1119982030

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