LKL’s Sites

I have several different websites, and the amount of time each one gets varies wildly.

Lawless French
Free resources for students, teachers, and lovers of French.
The tagline pretty much says it all – I write lessons and articles, create sound files, offer study tips… whatever might be useful to anyone learning, teaching, or wanting to practice their French.

Lawless Spanish
This site is similar to my French site in purpose and means, but is less comprehensive.

Lawless English
Lessons for ESL students (written in English, French, and Spanish), discussions of English dialects, and explanations of confusing pairs like it's/its and assure/ensure/insure.

The Veggie Table – Vegetarian Recipes and Info
Information and recipes for all kinds of vegetarians, as well as anyone interested in healthy eating, animal rights, and the environment. Most of my time is spent on recipes, but I also have a good set of articles on vegetarianism for beginners and related issues like organics and yoga.

Chick Literate
Yes, I admit it – I’m a chick lit fanatic.

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