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Hello!  –  Bonjour !  –  ¡Hola!  –  Ciao!  –  Καλημέρα!  – !السلام عليكم

I’ve worked entirely freelance since 1999, which has allowed me to travel extensively and live just about anywhere. Now I’m settled in Guadeloupe, but I’ve also lived in the south of France, Costa Rica, and Morocco.

My primary work is as a virtual teacher at Lawless French. While I don’t actually hold classes, I write lessons for students who are studying on their own, or need some additional help with something they learned in class. For more than a decade, my French site was a full-time job, and I loved every minute of it. (The hardest part is trying to explain it to people – I usually say I’m a writer or a webmaster, but neither of those is really accurate, and "virtual teacher" requires a lot of explanation.)

I also have sites on Spanish, English, Italian, and vegetarianism.

I speak fluent French, conversational Spanish, survival Italian and Greek, and a smattering of Moroccan Arabic. In addition to language and vegetarian cooking, I’m also interested in travel, movies, computers, kayaking, swimming, dance, yoga, chick lit, humorous sci-fi, and art. I collect silver jewelry, particularly with a people motif, and anything purple.

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If you’d like to email me, use lklawless as the first part of the address, and gmail as the second part.

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