Free MP3s

Do you have a favorite site for downloading music? I’ve tried iTunes and I just can’t stand having it installed on my computer. Someone recommended LimeWire to me, but I don’t really get it. I’ve had some luck just Googling the name/artist of songs I want, but I still have a list of several dozen that I can’t find. Any suggestions?

Le Mouv’ and Mots fléchés

My favorite French radio station is Le Mouv’. I started listening to it when I lived in Toulouse, and before I left I managed to find it on the internet. It’s a fairly good mix of music, mainly alternative rock (which they call indé, an apocope of indépendant), about half in French and half in English, with the occasional song in another language. Unfortunately, the connection can be a bit spotty. 🙁

I tend to put Le Mouv’ on in the morning while doing a mots fléchés, which I’ve become addicted to – I have to do one every morning – and then keep listening while doing non-work stuff.

Coup de boule – the song

We all knew that Zidane’s head butt during the World Cup Final would go down in history, but did you ever think about the marketing aspects? A French song parodying the event is breaking records (ha ha) in France, and there are several ringtones you can purchase too, all from La Plage Records

I’m not going to translate the whole song, but here’s the chorus:

Zidane il l’a frappé, Zidane il l’a tapé (Coup de boule!)
Zidane he hit him, Zidane he slapped him (Head butt!)