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Do you have a favorite site for downloading music? I’ve tried iTunes and I just can’t stand having it installed on my computer. Someone recommended LimeWire to me, but I don’t really get it. I’ve had some luck just Googling the name/artist of songs I want, but I still have a list of several dozen that I can’t find. Any suggestions?

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  1. zed says:

    Itunes is a jukebox for listening to songs on your computer, syncing with your iPod, importing music from your CDs collection and burning your music to CD. It contains a store, the iTunes store, where you can lawfully buy music.

    Limewire is diferent. It is a P2P client for stealing music. You still really need a juke box for playing it. Though it can play music, there are better ways than Limewire.

    If you want a P2P client for, uh, “finding music you already own on vinyl, cassette and/or CD but can’t be bothered burning or buying again”, then you should get a P2P client. Download the music and burn it to CD or to your jukebox. What ever jukebox you use it will have to be installed on your computer. ITunes is easily the best jukebox, but if you personally don;t like it, there are many others, free and paid.

    Google P2P clients by putting in the operating system you use. They all basically work like Google, once you have them installed: You enter the name of a song or artist, click search and then click the download button when you find one. They will usually sync with your jukebox, load the song right in and there you go.

    If you want to buy music, then websites are a very inefficient way to go about it. Software on your computer is going to be better than websites for downloading, just like it’s easier to write emails and documents on software on your computer than direct to a website.

    Zune and iTunes are market leaders, if you can possibly work out how to install Zune and you like brown.

    But emusic is pretty good as websites go. It is slow because it is a website, the selection is limited and mainly indy stuff, they make it very hard to cancel and you have to subscribe. If you don’t download your quota of music, your purchases get very expensive. But is does work and you will find good stuff. You can even import it into your jukebox when you get sick of the web for downloading.

    There is one other method worth a look: There are thousands of videos on You Tube. The sound is not the highest quality, but some are really cool. If you have a video iPod, then get software that allows you to copy the videos from You Tube (easily available; the best ones you have to pay for, though not much).

    If you look for some great French pop artists – make sure to blog for us which ones! Nouvelle Vague are the coolest French musicians on the planet.

  2. Cyndi Wagner says:

    I use Napster…yes, it’s still around but no longer “Free”, read illegal.

    It is .99 per song and tres simple d’utiliser!

  3. Thanks for the info, everyone.

    Tucker – it’s actually a Quebecois flag, but the fleurs-de-lys got lost due to poor photo quality.

  4. Bart Miller says:

    I’ve been using, which recommends new music to buy based on artists you tell it that you like. It’s pretty neat, and you can also legally download music from unsigned artists.

  5. Neblina says:

    here are 3 sites that I like to use:
    2., known as soulseek. This site is great if you just want to download one song 😉
    hope this will help. I am looking forward to read your view on the French election.
    bye bye

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