After leaving Ushuaia, we had a day at sea as we made our way toward the Falklands. When I went to the Arts Café that afternoon, there was a bit of excitement: a bird had been hanging out on the terrace for hours. It was generally agreed that he’d come aboard while we were docked in Ushuaia and that maybe he wasn’t a seabird, so was stuck until we got close to land again.

I sat down several feet away in order to take some pictures. I also said hello and chatted a bit because, you know, manners.

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Ushuaia, Argentina

After a week and half cruising along Chile’s beautiful western border, we came to Argentina, my 6th new country on this trip. More specifically, we docked in Ushuaia, the self-proclaimed southernmost city in the world*, part of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago in mythical Patagonia. Its Fin del Mundo / “End of the World” nickname gleefully adorns signs and merchandise at every opportunity.

Ushuaia at night

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