Landlords from hell, part 3

Two days later, our neighbor told us that what we needed was a huissier de justice, which is sort of a cross between a lawyer and a judge. A huissier performs a variety of functions, but in the case of an état des lieux, he goes through the apartment and files an impartial report about the damages, which can then be used in court if, for example, the owners lie about broken windows or missing fixtures. That was exactly what we needed, Continue reading

Landlords from hell

I decided I needed to write about our recent rental experience in detail even though I am sure no one will believe it – why would you, when I lived through it and don’t believe it myself? But it feels like this ordeal has taken up residence in my thoughts, and I hope that writing about it will be cathartic enough to clear out this valuable real estate (ha ha) in my head. So here goes. Continue reading

Traveling along the Adriatic

Living near Nice is great for many reasons, one of which is easy access to the airport and numerous cheap flights all over Europe. When we found tickets to Venice for 38 euros (about $50) we knew we had to take advantage. Besides the great prices, another benefit of airlines like EasyJet is that you don’t pay extra for one-way tickets, so when we found a Naples-Nice flight for 40 euros, we decided that would be the other end of what turned into a 3-week trip, as follows:

  • 4 nights in Venice, Italy
  • 1 night in Trieste
  • 1 night in Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 1 night in Zagreb, Croatia
  • 1 night in Split
  • 7-night Dalmatian Coast cruise
  • 2 nights in Dubrovnik
  • 2 nights in Monopoli, Italy
  • 2 nights in Tropea

We took buses, planes, trains, boats, a raft, a ferry, and a car, yet still walked miles every day. We met people from all over the world and ate wonderful food, terrible food, and everything in between. Pictures and details to come – stay tuned!

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