OK, I’m going to do a little free publicity for something that I couldn’t live without – my mailbox. When I moved to Costa Rica last year, I realized that I needed a permanent solution to the mail problem. While I pay all of my bills and check my bank accounts online, and I got rid of all the junk mail, there’s still always a bunch of stuff coming. The post office will only forward it to an address in the US, and I didn’t really want to ask a friend to take care of that for me, so instead I researched mailing services. The one I chose was USABox, and I couldn’t be happier. For $35 a month, they accept all of my mail, take a picture of each item, and weigh it. I can log in to see everything they’ve received and have them destroy any garbage. Then once a month, they send it to me wherever I happen to be. The monthly fee includes one 5-pound shipment – additional pounds are less than $3. They will even accept packages and repack them to save on shipping. In Costa Rica, the delivery office was a couple hours away by bus, which was a bit of a drag, but here in France they bring it to my door. So if you live overseas, or just want an anonymous address that accepts deliveries, check out USABox<.


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