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Hello!  –  Bonjour !  –  ¡Hola!  –  Salve!  –  Kalimera!  –  Assalam o-aleikum!

I’ve worked entirely freelance since 1999, which has allowed me to travel extensively and live wherever I want. Now I’m settled in Guadeloupe, but I’ve also lived in the south of France, Costa Rica, and Morocco.

At Lawless French, I am continuing where I left off after 15 at About: virtually teaching French to independent students. While I don’t actually hold classes, I write lessons for students who are studying on their own, or need some additional help with something they learned in class. Believe it or not, my French site is a full-time job, and I love every minute of it. (The hardest part is trying to explain my job to people – I usually say I’m a writer or a webmaster, but neither of those is really accurate, and "virtual teacher" requires a lot of explanation.)

My Spanish, English, and vegetarianism sites get less time, but I still spend hours every week adding new content and responding to questions on social media.

I speak fluent French, conversational Spanish, a bit of Italian, a handful of Greek phrases, and a smattering of Moroccan Arabic. In addition to language and vegetarian cooking, I’m also interested in travel, moves, computers, kayaking, swimming, dance, yoga, chick lit, funny sci-fi, and art. I collect silver jewelry, particularly with a people motif, and anything purple.

If you’re a fan of my work and want to make a contribution, I’m always in need of a few good books – check out my wish list.

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If you would like to email me, use lklawless as the first part of the address, and gmail as the second part.

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