6 corners of the Hexagon: Fourth corner!

Fourth corner of FranceThe fourth corner of the Hexagon, at least according to the way we mapped out our trip, was the southwesternmost point of France. This is at the Spanish border, in the heart of Basque country, and the French side is Hendaye, one of the largest towns in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department. The beach is lovely, and from the languages we heard seems to be equally popular with swimmers and sunbathers from both sides of the border. The end of the jetty is the actual corner; to the left (south), across the water, you can see a bit of Spain.

Our route to the fourth cornerHere’s our map between the third and fourth corners. As always, pink indicates our route as well as towns we actually walked around and/or ate in, while blue highlights where we stayed. You can click the map to see a much bigger version (MB).

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2 thoughts on “6 corners of the Hexagon: Fourth corner!

  1. Ralph Dratman says:

    This sounds like a wonderful experience, something I’d like to try, though on a much smaller scale. How was the weather? Did you find people to be friendly along the way?

  2. The weather varied. We started in July, so we went north and east first, so that we could take advantage of the summer in the north, and then be in the south when it started getting cooler in September. Yes, we found everyone very friendly.

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