6 corners of the Hexagon: Picardy

Amiens cathedral
Amiens’s cathedral © LKL

We spent two days on a farm in Caours, enjoying the pool and just taking it easy, though we did manage to get over to Amiens to visit the stunning cathedral. It’s the tallest complete cathedral in France, with the greatest interior volume. Someone told me that two of Paris’s Notre Dame could fit inside.

And we went to St.-Valery-sur Somme, which is a nice beachside town, but it was full of tourists and the weather was lousy, so we didn’t stick around.

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2 thoughts on “6 corners of the Hexagon: Picardy

  1. Lauriate Roly says:

    I’ve driven through Amiens several times in the past. It always seemed to be raining and cold whenever I was in that neighborhood and of course I have seen the Cathedral from outside, as I was driving by. I wish now I had made an effort to stop and gone inside. If it can be so large that, as you say, two Paris Notre Dame could fit inside, then indeed I missed something truly remarkable. I wonder why they needed such a large cathedral to begin with. I don’t believe there was ever a great population in that area. (maybe they were all giants and required that large space). Lauriate.

  2. Kathryn Buchanan says:

    J’Ă©tais heureuse de dĂ©couvrir que vous ĂŞtes visitĂ© Notre Dame d’Amiens. Quand je suis visitĂ© en 2004, je l’ai trouvĂ© merveilleux!

    Bon voyage!

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