6 corners of the Hexagon: Saint Malo and Dinard

Our next stop was Saint Malo, just a little further west along the coast.

Saint Malo
Saint Malo © LKL

We walked all over within and then on top of the walls of the fortified city, before sitting down on a stretch overlooking the vast beach for our picnic. Though we couldn’t see a guard station, every so often an admonishment about bikes on the beach would come over the loudspeaker. We kept half-expecting to be told to get off the wall, but it never happened.

Other entertainment came from watching a photo shoot of a group of 5 men, who we figure must have been some rock group doing an album cover. They started out walking along the beach in nice jackets, then changed into more casual clothes before doing a sort of rugby scrum for photo after photo. Thinking they might be famous, I took a few pics of my own, but I have no way to identify them. I tried Googling things like “rock group photo shoot in Saint Malo in August,” but no luck. One wore a jacket that said “Nickelson,” their van had Dutch plates, and we caught snatches of both American and British English. So here’s today’s challenge: anyone recognize these guys? You can click on the images to see larger ones.

Rock group in Saint Malo?

Photo shoot in Saint Malo

We spent the night across the river in Dinard, the furthest west into Bretagne I had ever previously been. From here on out, it’s all brand-new!

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  1. Charlie says:

    Hi Laura,
    Here’s an answer for your photos at Saint Malo beach. One of the people in the photo’s is a Dutch singer who goes by the name of Gordon (no surname). The others are unknown to me, but Gordon also does regular TV work here in the Netherlands.

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