6 corners of the Hexagon: The first corner!

Premier coin de l'HexagoneOn Tuesday, 20 July, we visited the first corner of the Hexagon. We first drove to the lovely town of Wissembourg. The church has a beautiful though unfinished cloister, and just in front is a lovely, flowery park. We continued on to Cleebourg, where we bought a bottle of crémant with which to toast our visit to the first corner. It was a gorgeous day, and when we got to the corner we were stunned to see a local fisherman sitting right there, who spoke neither French nor English. Since we couldn’t explain why we were at that exact spot, I’m sure he though we were completely insane with our crémant and camera.

Our meandering route to the first cornerHere’s our map up until we reached the first corner. Pink indicates our route as well as towns we actually walked around and/or ate in. Blue highlights where we stayed. You can click the map to see a much bigger version, but I recommend either high-speed internet or patience, as it is 2.5 MB.

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