Arches National Park, Four Corners, Mesa Verde (days 7 and 8)

Arches National ParkThe next morning, it took us a long time to drive up to Arches National Park, due to sleet and road construction, but then it cleared up for a couple of hours. We hiked to one arch, but on our way to another, it started raining and got very cold, so we headed back.

Mesa Verde - Cliff PalaceOur next stop was Kelly Place, a bed + breakfast and retreat center near Cortez, Colorado, where we enjoyed chatting with a hiking club from California. The next morning the weather wasn’t very nice, so we drove many miles out of our way to Four Corners to experience being in four different states at once, then drove back to Mesa Verde and got a great look at Cliff Palace.

2 thoughts on “Arches National Park, Four Corners, Mesa Verde (days 7 and 8)

  1. Steve Garufi says:

    I loved Arches National Park, and in fact, I’ve been there many times over the years. One of these years, Landscape Arch will crumble. I wish I could be incorrect, but that’s Mother Nature.

    As for the Cliff Palace and Mesa Verde N.P., I was not “wowwed” by it. I guess I have seen plenty of Indian ruins over the years, and while Mesa Verde’s cliff dwellings is the most impressive collection, I wasn’t taken aback like expected.

    Great blog entry. -Steve in Colorado

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