Fête du Citron 2013

The beautiful Mediterranean town of Menton celebrates its citrusy history with an annual lemon (and orange) festival. To celebrate its 80th anniversary, 2013’s theme was Le Tour du Monde en 80 jours / Around the World in 80 Days.

Fête du citron 2013
 Entrance to the citrus sculpture garden

This year’s sculptures were of monuments from around the world visited by Jules Verne’s protagonist Phileas Fogg…

Lemon festival Menton lemon festival
Menton fête du citron Lemon festival 2013

(See how the teapot is pouring flowers into the cup? Nice touch!)

…as well as the various means of transportation he used.

2013 Menton lemon festival Fête du citron

More pictures: Lemon festival parade!

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  1. LeChip says:

    Hoping to take a trip to the south of France next year. I think I just put Menton in my travel plans.

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