Gamboa Rainforest (Panama)

After crossing the canal, we took a bus to Gamboa to visit the rainforest and Soberania National Park, which included an orchid garden (sadly out of season), a sloth sanctuary, a butterfly enclosure (too fast to get good pictures of), a frog house, and an aerial tram over the canopy.

Gamboa Rainforest Reserve

Sanctuary for orphaned sloths, who are eventually released back into nature:


Green and black poison dart frog:

Green and black poison dart frog

Strawberry poison dart frog, aka Blue jeans frog:

Blue Jeans Frog

Glimpse of a green macaw:

Green macaw

After arriving at the upper tram stop, we hiked for a few minutes then climbed the 100-foot-high canopy tower for spectacular views back over the park and the intersection where the Chagres River feeds into the Panama Canal.

View from Gamboa rainforest canopy tower

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