Have I been to Peru?

The husband and I often debate what it means to visit a country – in other words, what it takes to add Country X to your list of places you’ve been. We generally agree that eating a meal and spending the night definitely count and a transition through the airport doesn’t, but there’s a lot of grey area in between. Driving through without stopping? Buying gas? Asking for directions? Wandering unknowingly over the unmarked border from the beach in a neighboring country? It’s not always clear.

The most interesting example of this was Peru, which would have been my 5th new country on this trip. Our cruise ship docked at Lima for two nights, but due to civil unrest, all excursions were cancelled and we never set foot off the ship. And yet, I took photos, drank coffee and cocktails, ate several meals, chatted with numerous fellow travelers, and spent two nights at the port. Does that count as visiting Peru? Can I add it to my list? Obviously not, but it was an interesting new angle to debate.

All I saw of Peru

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