Panama City, Panama

For our third and final Costa Rica visa renewal,* my husband and I went to Panama City for 4 days. Our immediate impression was that it was a lot like Costa Rica, except much, much cheaper. The weather is similar, beaches are similar – although of course Panama has much higher ratio of coastline to inland. Costa Rica is so touristed that prices keep going up, but I guess Panama doesn’t get as many visitors, other than to the canal.

Panama CanalSpeaking of which, we did the partial canal cruise – I would have liked to do the full, but it’s only offered twice a month by every single company I checked with, and all pretty much the same days. It’s just as well, as the half day was more than enough. To be honest, I wasn’t all that impressed by the canal. Yes, it’s huge and an amazing feat of engineering and the locks are tremendous, but, well, it’s just not that exciting, you know?

*Upon entering Costa Rica, Americans (I don’t know what it’s like for citizens of other countries) get a stamp in your passport that allows you to stay for three months. You have to leave the country for at least 72 hours to get it renewed, and apparently there are people that have been doing this over and over for years. The government is cracking down a bit though – they say that they start looking at you a little suspiciously the third time you leave and return, but we didn’t have any trouble.

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3 thoughts on “Panama City, Panama

  1. Geraldine says:

    Hi Laura, We were just talking about the Panama canal the other night and what it must be like to see. It is an engineering feat that is hard to imagine. Thanks for your thoughts on visiting Panama and a bit about the canal.

  2. Bryan says:

    Hey Laura, I just found your blog surfing over from the Costa Rica HQ blog and I saw that you went through the Panama Canal.

    I once piloted a ship through there! It takes an incredibly capable mariner to be able to get through there unscathed. It just wasn’t meant to take the size ships that go through there now.

  3. Janet Butler says:

    Hi Laura, great blog! I have been in love with the idea of living in Costa Rica since I read about it on Costa Rica HQ (Bryan, I see you’re a reader of that blog too). I can’t wait to go there some day. I hope you get to stay a long time…

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