Still detouring: Loire Valley

Chinon France
Chinon © LKL

Continuing our detour from the six corners of France, we drove to Sancerre, one of our favorite wine appellations, and then continued on to Chinon, where we’d rented a tiny gîte for the week. The weather wasn’t great, so we tended to stay in until nearly lunchtime, and then head out to visit some châteaux and taste wine all afternoon. Vouvray is another of our favorites, and we found some good ones.

Saumur château
Château de Saumur © LKL

The Loire Valley is a truly wonderful part of France – there are beautiful châteaux in every direction, and there’s wine to be tasted everywhere you turn. We picnicked on the banks of the Loire, the Thouet, and the Vienne rivers, always drinking local wine and often in view of châteaux. It was a nice break before the near-constant traveling coming up next.

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2 thoughts on “Still detouring: Loire Valley

  1. M. A. Leone says:

    I came across your French lessons unexpectedly, when I’d been feeling rather desperate at having lost so much of my linguistic ability with the language that I’d tutored over ten years ago. Somehow you make me feel as if you’re with me (even though you’re clearly far away). I love taking the tests and all the links to help me get back on track. Merci mille fois!

  2. Una Tierney says:

    I was also in the Loire Valley region this summer , but only for a few days. I was staying in a vllage called St. Catherine de Fierbois. It has a lovely street statue of St Jean d’Arc as she is supposed to have come there to the church and gotten a sword before she went to battle. I also visited the Chateau at Chinon and was really impressed with the exhibitions on show there. It was great to see the vast fields of ‘tourne-soleil’ and the harvest being collected from the countryside. I would really love to return for a longer stay

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