Superblue Miami

After Wynwood Walls, we continued our arty afternoon at Superblue, an interactive art experience that I discovered while researching things to do in Miami. I’d purchased tickets for 3:40pm but we arrived about half an hour early and they let us in no problem.

There were 5 installations.

My favorite was the first one, which was in two parts. Each was a giant, darkened room with images projected on the walls – kind of like Carrières des Lumières in Les Baux, France, except not just a slide show. The first room had various types of flowers that started blooming and growing toward the ceiling, and when you touched the images on the wall, the flowers wilted and/or released their petals. So the images were constantly changing and different for every visitor.

Wall of giant flowers

Interactive flowers

The next room was about twice the size, and seemed even bigger thanks to two walls of floor-to-ceiling mirrors. The main image here seemed to be Van Gogh-esque rain, sometimes enhanced by colorful flowers. Very beautiful.

Van Gogh-like rain

Van Gogh-like rain and flowered in mirrored room

The second installation was a ceiling full of lights all blinking slightly differently. When you held your hand under one of the sensors, the entire room start pounding with your heartbeat, and then a nearby light would shine more brightly, after which it continued blinking to your heartbeat, which remained part of the installation along with all the other visitors before you. My pictures of this aren’t even worth looking at; check out the Superblue site linked above for a good one.

The third installation was a white room with one wall that slowly changed color. It was supposedly some sort of optical illusion and photos weren’t allowed, but in my opinion the only illusion was that it was interesting.

Number four was a giant, two-level hall of mirrors. Very cool, impossible to get a good picture.

2-level mirrored room

At the end, there was a river where you could stand on a sensor which created a sort of light image of you.

Mirrored installation with body sensor / light image

The final installation, which cost extra, was a big room full of soap bubbles that formed “clouds.” It was kind of cool but very wet and hard to maneuver through, so you were just kind of standing in wet bubbles. I think it would have been better with about a third fewer bubbles.

Room full of bubble clouds

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