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I was having some trouble with my blogs the other day (they were loading properly but then in FireFox the top half of the page would dim/fade and all the links within that section were unclickable). I couldn’t find any info about similar problems on Google, but I did run across a FireFox plugin called the Web Developer Toolbar which makes it easy to find problems with your stylesheet. I installed it and found that the problem was a little something called ga_shade and when I Googled that, I finally discovered that the problem was with the Google Analytics plugin. I disabled that, cleared my cache, and all is well. So I don’t have those stats anymore, but at least my blogs are usable! And I’m keeping the Web Developer Toolbar – I’m sure I’ll be able to use it again.

One thought on “Web Developer Toolbar

  1. Jennifer Kyrnin says:

    That sucks about the analytics. But the Web Developer toolbar is a great extension. In fact, it’s the only one I can’t live without. When I start having FF issues, I uninstall all my extensions, except that one.

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