Belize City

After Cozumel, we cruised overnight and arrived in Belize City the next morning. Here, we boarded a bus for a guided tour of the city. Unfortunately, we also witnessed a terrible accident: our bus was following a pickup truck with a young man sitting in the bed, holding on to a piece of sheet metal. It wasn’t tied down, and when the wind inevitably swept it into the air, it took him with it and then slammed him onto the road right in front of our bus. Our driver and guide helped lift him back into the bed of the truck so that he could be taken to the hospital.

Afterwards, we continued to Chukka Caribbean Adventures, where we did a little rum tasting and listened to some local drummers before boarding our second-ever airboat. Since this wetland tour included quite a few water lilies, we thought it was better than the one in the Everglades a few days earlier.

Airboat guide

View of wetlands from airboat

Belize was my first new country on this trip, but far from the last!


Closeup of water lily

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