Cozumel (Mexico)

After boarding our cruise ship in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Friday night, we had a day at sea before our first stop on Sunday. Cozumel is Mexico’s largest Caribbean island, located east of Playa del Carmen, and is famed for scuba diving. Cozumel is an entirely touristic destination; as our guide explained, the inhabitants produce “nothing but smiles and babies.”

Cozumel, Mexico before sunrise

Sunrise at Cozumel

I’m not scuba certified, so for our excursion we chose snorkeling and a clear-bottom kayak ride outing. Both of these activities were very short – about 15 minutes each. The clear kayaks allowed an exceptional view of the not terribly exceptional reef – at least where we were. While snorkeling, we did spot two yellow stingrays, a variety we’d never seen before, so that was nice. Afterwards, we had a snack on the beach before heading back to the ship.

Beach on Cozumel

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