Howler Monkeys

Howler MonkeysSome of the most visible – and audible – wildlife here in Costa Rica are the howler monkeys. They travel through the trees, and their “howl” is far deeper and louder than their appearance suggests – sort of a cross between a growl and a moan. They tend to howl when they feel threatened or are unhappy, and one of the things that seems to make them unhappy is rain, which means they howl a lot. When several howl in unison, the sound can be pretty creepy – like something out of a horror movie.

Howler MonkeysThe other day, we watched five monkeys devour the leaves of a papaya tree across the road from our apartment. We stood and took pictures for about 15 minutes, while they clambered around and ate as if they’d been starved for weeks. Babies clung to two of them, their little tails wrapped around their mothers’.

Howler MonkeysOne monkey sat holding on to a long stem that looked for all the world like a huge piece of celery, and chomped on it while staring back at us. Makes you wonder what they think of us, with our squeals of delight at seeing the babies and our cameras recording something so banal as lunch.

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2 thoughts on “Howler Monkeys

  1. Tiffany Holder says:

    I have been receiving your French e-mails for years and just completed my French minor at university. Thanks for a great site!

    I was just wondering what part of Costa Rica you plan to spend the most time. I was there for 4 months studying tropical Ecology in 2005, so I definitely have some suggestions of places not to miss and still have lots of friends there and wonderful, welcoming people. Have a great time!

    Pura vida!


  2. John says:

    My wife and I spent 3 months in Paris earlier this year, where I began my French studies….Loved it!! That’s where I found your site.

    We then spent 2 months in Costa Rica (where I continued my French studies with Alliance Francaise) and drove all over the Guanacaste area. This was our third visit to Costa Rica. We found that although a beautiful country and great people, not enough action for us to consider moving there. Some of the things you describe in your blog, although charming at first, over time they really become annoying. The roads, the infrastructure, the lack of “stuff to do” (after all walking along the beach is great, so is just hanging out and reading, writing, thinking….but after 2 months of that, then what?)

    Costa Rica is for us a beautiful place to visit but still very provincial. Next year we will return to France for me to continue my language studies and will rely on your website. Thank you!

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