10 thoughts on “Natural Remedies for Bug Bites

  1. Daniel says:

    For nasty bug bites, as was thought to me by a Costa Rican Cabecar indian. Take a leaf of certain trees (I forgot the specific name of the tree, but Orange or Lime trees should work, it has to be a bit bitter), and chew it (no swalloing). Then take the chewed leaf mixed with your saliva and apply over the bite. I was working in the jungle near Limon (caribean) and this tip worked wonders.

  2. Chezza says:

    For bites just get use your ordinary soap. Moisten it and rub tthe wet soap onto the bite. It won’t itch.

  3. Ana Paula says:

    Wow…take care with the limes…It’s is important that if you use them, never be exposed to sun, it kind of burns….

    Also, in order to avoid mosquitoes and their bites, I already heard that vinegar, smoke and B12 vitamin keep them away…now if it is true….

  4. Joe Gordon says:

    I was bitten by a “stink bug” as our tour guide called it on July 13th, 2007 and noticed a big reddish area on my hand the size of a half-dollar. Seemed like it was a burn; the next day a large cocoon swelled up like a tent as if it was healing. Everyone thought I burned myself. My tour guide said I was stung by a certain stink bug, which when agitated, mixes two chemicals inside its body to a heat of 350 degrees celcius, hence the burning look and feel.

    He said do not pop the cocoon, only apply aloe vera plant.

  5. Rebecca says:

    As my son is allergic to DEET we use lemon eucalyptus oil as a bug repellant. It works as well as DEET but is plant based and smells nice (lemony). It is much more effective than citronella.

  6. Colleen Kelly says:

    Yesterday I was walking down to the river in Pavones and noticed a red ichy area by my sandle strap. Later in the day I broke out in some major ichy, swollen, hives everywhere anything touched. A local wrote down the name of some insect that flies= Maya O Chinche or something like that (paper in villa). The hives lasted for the rest of the day even after taking Benedryl and reactine. Ideas????

  7. Neil says:

    Natural remedies and herbal remedies in general are much safer than presciption medicines, but we still need to consult a physician before making any type of decision about medicine. Even though natural and herbal cures are safe for the most part, they may not be the best treatment for that particular condition

  8. Lezlie says:

    i live in playa zancudo and have been getting eaten alive by mosquitoes lately… does anyone know where I can even get lemon eucalyptus oil around here? i’m sick of this shit and i’m ready to get one of those machines that attracts them and KEELS them dead…. we’re working on some bat houses. in the meantime, i’ll be burning incense in every room all day and night….

    oh, i have some OFF and i hate using it…. i just would rather acclimate myself to here somehow?

  9. Herbal Malc says:

    It sounds like hell! I have been thinking of visiting Costa Rica – I will now make sure to go out of bug season!

    Meanwhile, some people I know swear by tincture of Chaparral herb to rub on the exposed skin. Worth a try; if you don’t know Chaparral, it smells like creosote – so you can believe it would kill things!

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