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4 thoughts on “Intermediate French for Dummies, by LKL

  1. p2 says:

    Congratulations on publication of your book!

    Your web site is a treasure trove of information which has helped me improve my French language skills. J’habite à Paris maintenant et je voudrais vous inviter pour dîner chez moi quand vous êtes à Paris. Encore, félicitations et bienvenue en France bientôt. a+

  2. learnfrench says:

    Toutes mes félicitations !

    I hope that the book is a good success! You have done a wonderful job in developing materials for your website!

  3. Judy Peterson says:

    Hi LKL –

    I have been enjoying your french lessons for years and went out and bought this book. I feel it will help me get through that just beyond beginner step.

    Thank you for providing great and interesting language lessons.


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