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Update 14 Mar: Another kind reader has made three book wishes come true. The internet’s wonderousness never ceases to amaze me.

Update 7 July: I’ve received three books from one grateful reader who emailed me, and two others who didn’t. So to all three of you, anonymous and named, thank you! I appreciate the books. 🙂

Original post (28 January 2009): I had a flash of inspiration this morning. While looking at my never-ending list of books I have to have, I realized that there are probably tens, even hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people out there just dying to buy me presents. 🙂 So I put them all into my Amazon wishlist to make it easy for you:

LKL's Wish List

Seriously, though, I made this to organize my thoughts. But if anyone out there does want to buy me a book, please note that I prefer Kindle for almost everything including cookbooks. For grammar books, however, I prefer paperbacks.

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